1. Stainless steel constructed machine body ensures superior rigidity and stability, with light weight design and pleasing appearance.
2. Equipped with CE level compact gear reducer, ensuring superior quality and performance.
3. Machine can be manufactured completely according to CE standard for utmost quality and safety.
4. Using selected high-level drive and control system for the best compatibility and convenient maintenance.
5. Advanced HMI from superior brand, combining built-in buttons with light, featuring user-friendly operation.
6. Newly designed synchronizing clamping device with motor ensures convenient adjustment and high value.
7. All optical fiber sensors set on machine are from worldwide famous brand to ensure the best accuracy.
8. Multi-functional features make it possible to utilize machine with diverse devices or equipment to fulfill various production need.
9. High quality with competitive price brings 100% customer satisfaction.
10. Equipped with intelligent memory settlement when sleeving multiple bottle types at different speed, providing user-friendly and convenient changeover.