1. Specially designed for products with big diameters ranging from 125mm to 210mm, with complete function.
2. Fits various shapes of bottles which capacity is over 3 liters.
3. Composed of SUS 304 stainless steel, with elegance appearance and compact construction.
4. Equipped with high-level HMI and PLC, control function fulfilled, it's all finger job!
5. Enhanced rigid double driving system, able to hold heavy mandrel and ensure safety change over.
6. Pneumatic automatic bottle separation device, suitable for a wide range of bottles, thus help decrease the cost for changing bottles.
7. Special film cutting system for a wide range of bottles, standard types of blades for convenient purchase.
8. Safety door 1:3 for best operation and safety guarantee.
9. Overall CE power distribution to ensure safety operation.
10. Work with all the other auxiliary devices and shrink tunnel, the real machine for your choice.
11. Equipped with intelligent memory settlement when sleeving multiple bottle types at different speed, providing user-friendly and convenient changeover.